InFLUX is a home to many. It's a success story for those who society doesn't want to talk about. It is a hub where creative ideas come to life, people connect, and get a chance to discover or rediscover their sexuality, their relationships, and new passions. We hope to keep it going as smoothly as it has until now.

Our Journey

The story of InFLUX starts in 2018, when we bought a space with all of our savings huddled together, and started planning on how to bring it to life. We had a hope of creating a safer space for people who want to learn, grow and express their true selves without fear of judgment.

We were too tired of spaces that would reject us for who we are or what we are into. We were too tired of moving from place to place only to encounter more challenges and judgments. We were also tired of spaces that welcomed us, but did not care much for our safety and comfort.

We don't claim to be perfect, but we always strive to improve and feel like a real home for the deviants. For the rebels. For those who refuse to conform at the price of their own truth.

It is a space that is privately owned, in an industrial building that insures privacy and no sneaky neighbors. It is owned by queer, non-conformists and rebels, so you will never have to worry about an uncomfortable raised eyebrow when you join us. It is the labor of 5 years of love and desire for community. Be it kinky, ropey, non-monogamous, queer, all deviants are welcome to join us. And so far hundreds have done so. We hope for hundreds more!

Meet the deviants in chief, the folx who manage this space!