You can find us in the east of Bucharest, 10 minutes away from the "1 decembrie 1918" metro station. We are right on the main boulevard called Theodor Pallady, but the entrance in the building is through the back. We have included here multiple types of directions to reach us, but if you find anything confusing about the instructions, please let us know so we can improve them.

Tel (only text messages via whatsapp): 

+40 723 258 105

We are here
for you


Theodor Pallady Boulevard 287
IOR 2 building, 5th floor

How you find us:

From the 1 December 1918 metro station,
walk along Pallady Boulevard towards Ikea Pallady. You will take a stroll for about 10 minutes. As you see the Casa Luminița Restaurant, you turn a left on the alley right after it. Or you look for the big water tower behind the building where Influx is.
As you enter the compound at IOR 2,
turn and face the water tower. Now the entrance is the first big door to your right. Influx is located in the first building facing the boulevard, it’s just that you can’t enter the building from the boulevard, only from the back of the building.
You take the small elevator to the 5th floor
where our signs will guide you up a small flight of stairs to our lovely door. Everywhere you will find Influx signs to guide you so that you can easily find us. But if you have any trouble at all, please call this number to get assistence.

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