If you are looking to learn more about relationships, sexuality, ropes, kink, queerness, feminism, bodies and much more, know that at InFLUX there is a fully stocked library with more than 100 titles that you can borrow. But only if you pinky swear to bring them back. 

The InFLUX Library

feel free to borrow and recommend new titles to us!
The library includes dozens of titles on sexuality, BDSM, rope, relationships, feminism, and queerness. This picture here is just a random one, taken by our sexy librarian one day while she was going about her business, arranging the books.


➜ Please fill in the form below when you take a book from our library at InFLUX and let a monitor know you've picked some reading material.  You can keep the title for a full month before returning it to us. The book will be listed in our database as borrowed by you, and we hope you bring it back well-read and well cared for.

➜ If you saw a book you were looking forward to reading, but it's currently borrowed by someone else, also let us know and we will keep it for you as soon as it is returned. That way, no one else can snatch it from you until you come and get it. You will have two weeks to come and pick it up before we make it available to everyone else again.


If you have books that you fell in love with and would like to donate to our library, we would love to make them available to everyone else. Any books on queerness, sexuality, kink, consensual non-monogamy, boundaries, consent, or alternative cultures are welcome in our space. Whether they are scientific, poetry, sexy novels or zines, we promise to care for them and share them.

Want to read one of our books?

When you're in the space and want to borrow a book, let the InFLUX staff know and fill out the form below.