Rope Work 4

Rope Work 4

The only weekend-long event is gathering together rope educators, performers, rope venue owners, and people looking to build communities around bondage.

If you want to discover how to structure your workshops, deal with consent incidents in the community, what it takes to open up your own venue, or how to legally protect yourself as a rope performer, then this is the place for you. You can ask questions, explore potential answers with like-minded people who have been there already, and inspire other people to find their own path.

This event has an unconference model, meaning you, the participants, can propose subjects, moderate them, and participate in whichever part of the event you would like. Rope Work 4 will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will begin with a small social event and, after that, discussions catering to various groups of rope community builders.

The weekend will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania, with the help of the InFLUX team and the Ellipsis Rope Events Foundation. The cost for the entire weekend will be 50 euro. Participants will receive a confirmation to attend only after they have filled in a form that will be listed on this page. We want to make sure that we have a good balance of both performers, teachers and venue owners so that everyone can start the meaningful discussions that will make their journey a bit lighter.

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08 - 10 Nov 2024


All Day


IOR 2, Theodor Pallady 287, Bucharest


Kitty Rea - intimacy coach

Other Organizers


Haag (he/they) is a full time rope bondage teacher/organizer and runs the Ellipsis Rope Events Foundation based in Rotterdam (NL). He has hosted countless rope events varying from international workshops, performances, demonstrations, festivals and rope jams throughout the last decade. His background in event organization comes from his parents who ran a foundation focusing on events for their local community ranging from dance events, markets, dance events, and many, many more. Because of this he grew up in an environment where community work, volunteering and facilitating events was part of everyday life. At a later age he started hosting events for various communities himself and eventually found his way to the rope scene.

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