Be a Better Bunny

Be a Better Bunny

A workshop for rope bottoms

What is this workshop?

This is the place to level up your skills if you are a person who wants to be tied or loves to get tied. Full of info on communication, expectations and what skills will make you the best rope bottom you can be. In order to attend this event, you must have attended one of our past consent workshops. It is mandatory for attending any future events at InFLUX.

What happens at the workshop?

We will run through practical exercises, tips and tricks on bottoming for specific ties. We will be addressing how to get to know your body better and how to clearly communicate your needs and expectations. But also how to look for tops that will help you enjoy your rope time. 

Schedule with breaks

12.00-12.30 – Opening time and getting to know each other better

12.30-14.00 – First part of the workshop

14.00-14.15 – Short coffee break

14.15-16.00 – Second part of the workshop

Please do not be late, so as not to disturb other participants. We close the door at the announced time.

How can you reach us?

Our address is Boulevard Theodor Pallady 287.

You can find information on how to reach us here:

There are many parking spaces in the area, especially in the evening or after 6 pm.

Our elevator is currently not working. Until it is repaired, please take the stairs to the 5th floor where you will see the sign to InFlux. Our phone number is +40723258105 and you can write to us on Whatsapp before the door closes.

Who can come?

Anyone is welcome, rope bottom or rope top. We believe everyone can learn a great deal out of this workshop. Even though it is focused more on the experience of the bottom, tops can also get precious information on how to tie different bodies, communication and setting the right expectations. All levels of experience are welcome.

Press “Going”, if you have already attended a consent workshop. You will receive an email confirmation and we will keep you updated with information about the event.

We reserve the right to select event participants.

What are you bringing? What are you wearing?

Wear something that you feel comfortable moving in. We recommend sporty outfits, but whatever puts you in the mood for learning is good for us.

Who teaches / organizes / takes care of the event?

Kitty Rea has 10 years of experience getting tied and tying. She is an internations performer and teacher on stages all over Europe, from London, Berlin, Lyon and Prague. She will be joined by Lulu, her model for 5 years, who will also be sharing her own perspectives and info on the body and on the experience in ropes.

Rules for InFLUX

CONSENT AND BOUNDARIES. Don’t touch people without explicit consent. The same goes for people’s clothes, accessories, toys, and ropes. Also, do not rush or force anyone. Allow each individual to take their time and move at their own pace.

LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. Do not assume anything about anyone – ask first! This is a safer space for everyone, no matter the gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, body shape, where they come from, or their ability or wish to switch roles or not. Discriminatory behavior or language will result in exclusion from the event.

PRIVACY. Do not reveal who you met at the event. Do not talk about what you heard or saw at the event.

NO UNSOLICITED ADVICE. You can share your experience in something, but never assume your experience is universally valid. 

REPORT. If you notice that something is wrong, could be dangerous, or violates someone’s consent, please contact a member of staff. Please do not intervene yourself!

ACT AS IF THIS IS YOUR HOME AND RESPECT THE SPACE. Have respect for the space as it is. Be careful not to stain, break or destroy things. Treat this place as if it was your home and it will feel like a home to you. We want to keep it nice and cozy for as long as possible and we need your help.

IF YOU TELL US YOU WILL SHOW UP, SHOW UP. Make sure you make a commitment before reserving a spot. If it happens more than twice that you reserve a spot, but don’t show up, we will simply not put you on our lists anymore. 

EVERYTHING STAYS INSIDE. Keep the play inside the space. Same goes for ropes and revealing outfits. 

BE AWARE OF SURROUNDINGS. Be mindful of the noise. If someone is doing play near you, keep your voice down or gently step away at a distance that will allow play to happen without breaking the mood.

ONLY TAKE PHOTOS AT CERTAIN EVENTS AND ASK FOR EVERYONE’S CONSENT. At parties, no photos are allowed, except for the photo corner. Keep your phone in your pocket. At workshops and rope jams, you will be allowed to take pictures of your own work and the partener you have tied. But no people in the background! Not even if they are blurred! 

LIMIT ALCOHOL INTAKE. We believe that no one can fully give consent without being in control of their unaltered senses. We strongly encourage you to limit the use of alcohol or any other judgment-impairing substances.

NO SMOKING AREA. Please keep smoking to a minimum and only in front of the venue. Make sure the door is closed so that the smoke doesn’t get inside the space. The same goes for electronic cigarettes.

The event is finished.


29 Jan 2023


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


50.00 RON


IOR 2, Theodor Pallady 287, Bucharest


Kitty Rea - intimacy coach

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