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Online Consent Workshop (in English)

What is this event?

This is our mandatory Consent Workshop. Participation in this workshop will give you access to all of our events at InFLUX.

We will hold this edition online over Zoom. Our intention is to facilitate access to the space for English-speaking people from out of town who wish to visit us, but due to misalignments in their visiting agendas & our Consent Workshop event dates, they are unable to do so. We are trying out this new model of consent workshop after the success of the last one, but we also encourage you to join us for our Consent Workshops in person at InFLUX. 

You will learn about:

➜ Consent models,
➜ How consent works in relation to power differences,
➜ What we can do in case of a consent violation,
➜ And many, many more!

Learning and using the content of this workshop will make you a safer person to interact with and play with.

This workshop is dedicated to English speakers and will be held in English. Everyone is welcome if you have a good level of English comprehension.

📝 We confirm attendance 24 hours before the start of the event at the latest.  Please RSVP using the form below, enter a valid email address, at least one day before the start of the event. You will receive a Zoom meeting link on the day of the event. 

🪪 You will receive your InFLUX card next time you come to an event at InFLUX. That’s when you will need to bring your ID card with you so we can check your age at the door. We keep none of your data, but we need to make sure that everyone is an adult. You can see here how we check your ID so that all your data but your year of birth and picture are visible to us.

What happens at the event?

🕖7:00 pm – 7:10 pm – Log in to the Zoom meeting
🕖7:10 pm – 8:10 pm – The Consent Workshop

Please be on time so as not to disturb other participants. We only accept on-time admissions to any workshops since you might miss important information.

How can you reach us?

This Consent Workshop will be online. You will receive a Zoom meeting link. Please RSVP using the form below and enter a valid email address. We will send you the connection link an hour before the meeting. 

Our phone number is +40723258105, and you can write to us on WhatsApp until 7:10 pm, when we will start the Workshop.

Who can come?

This workshop welcomes everyone, regardless of level of knowledge about consent or any other subject.

🎫 Register using the form below. Enter a valid email address at least one day before the start of the event. You will receive a Zoom meeting link on the day of the event. 

We reserve the right to select event participants.

Who organizes this event?

This workshop is hosted by Kitty Rea (she/her), a sex educator and sex coach who has been studying and has been interested in consent for over ten years, trying to make kink and sex games safer for herself and the people she plays with.

InFLUX Rules

Please read our rules carefully before attending our events.

The event is finished.


08 Mar 2024


7:00 pm - 8:10 pm




Kitty Rea - intimacy coach

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