Life Drawing Workshop – Nude Model

Life Drawing Workshop – Nude Model

What is this event?

We are thrilled to announce this upcoming Life Drawing Workshop. For this session, too, the model will pose nude. After the success and the beautiful feedback of the first edition, we have tried to keep the nude modeling editions going. And this time, you are getting a quite unusual model to draw.

The Life Drawing Workshop is a safe space where we experiment with artistic expression together, where we draw the figure of a real person posing in front of us. Our model will stand still for a while, and we will draw what we see.

For the well-being of our model and the comfort of all participants, and in order to create a secure and respectful atmosphere for both our model and participants, we have supplemented the InFLUX rules with the following rules specific to The Life Drawing Workshop. Please read them and follow them.

For the safety of the model

➜ We will not make explicit comments about the body of the model. That is, we avoid saying “Oh, how nice you look in that coat”, “Oh, how nice your back looks in this light”.
➜ We will not touch the model or the model’s objects without consent.
➜ We don’t get upset or criticize the model if she moves, sneezes, or scratches herself. We are humans with human needs.
➜ We respect the model’s decision to sit in a certain position for longer or shorter amounts of time, depending on their comfort.

For the safety of the participants

➜ We don’t watch someone else draw over their shoulder / from the side without their consent.
➜ We do not touch a participant’s objects without their consent.
➜ We don’t give feedback (positive, negative, or constructive) without being asked to or without having already discussed it with the person and having their consent that it’s ok to offer our opinion.
➜ We do not criticize the way someone chooses to express themselves or chooses to experiment.

The Life Drawing Workshop is a space where we’re going to be a bit vulnerable. When we participate in the event, we choose to support our own curiosity and that of the other participants.

To attend this event, it is mandatory that you have attended a Consent Workshop.

🇷🇴 This event will be held in Romanian.

📝 We confirm attendance 24 hours before the start of the event at the latest. Please register at least one day before the start of the event.

📤 Please bring your InFLUX card! The event requires that you have attended the Consent Workshop. We will check at the entrance if you have attended it.

How does this event work?

This edition of The Life Drawing Workshop will focus on drawing the nude body. If this subject is not yet comfortable for you, focus on drawing what is within your area of comfort.
The model for this Life Drawing Session will not be wearing clothes. The model will pose in time slots between one minute and 15 minutes.

Schedule with breaks

🕖 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm – We gather at InFLUX
🕢 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm – We introduce ourselves and introduce the model.
🕗 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Model poses in intervals, with breaks in between.
🕘 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm – We talk about how it felt and show our drawings if we want to. Both the model and the participants can arrange to experiment outside the schedule.

Please be on time so as not to disturb other participants. We cannot guarantee that someone will be available to open the door for you after closing time. We only accept on-time admissions to any workshops since you might miss important information.

How can you reach us?

Our address is Boulevard Theodor Pallady 287.

You can find information on how to reach us here or here.

The area has many parking spaces, especially in the evening or after 6 pm. The metro station at “1 Decembrie 1918” is the closest to us and it’s only 8 minutes away, on foot.

Take the small elevator (it’s behind the large stairs on the ground floor) to the 5th floor, where you will see the sign for InFLUX. One more flight of stairs up, and you’re there. If mobility issues prevent you from climbing up a flight of stairs, you can take the large elevator, which will take you straight to our door, but that one is much slower.

Our phone number is +40723258105, and you can write to us on WhatsApp before the door-closing time.

Who can come?

The Life Drawing Workshop organized by InFLUX is open to anyone who wants to experiment and learn, no matter their level. We are creating a safe, welcoming, and queer-friendly space together.

🎫 Fill in the form below to register for this workshop. You will receive an email confirmation, and we will keep you updated with information about the event. You will also receive an email reminder close to the event so you don’t miss it.

We reserve the right to select event participants.

What are you bringing? 

You are encouraged to bring any illustration tools you want. They can be tools you have mastered or ones you have never worked with before and want to explore.

For beginners, the friendliest tools are an HB pencil and an A4 sheet with no lines or dots. Other interesting tools to explore are colored pencils, a pen or brush pen with ink, watercolors, or acrylics. We’ll also provide free materials from InFLUX for those who need them or want to experiment with something new.

What are you wearing?

This event has no dress code, so wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Who organizes this event?

The event is organized by Still-Hypatia, in partnership with InFLUX, with support from KittyRea.

Still-Hypatia illustrates joyously. She has no formal education in this field, only the enthusiasm to create a safe and welcoming space for an artistic community. She practices relational anarchy and consensual kink.

InFLUX Rules

Please read our rules carefully before attending our events.


The event is finished.


15 Jan 2024


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


IOR 2, Theodor Pallady 287, Bucharest



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