The InFLUX Movie Night – Desire & Taboo

The InFLUX Movie Night – Desire & Taboo

This week’s film: In the Realm of the Senses – 1976 Drama (Japanese with English subtitles)

In a restored version, one of the most controversial films ever made. Although considered by many to be a simple pornographic film that pretends to be artistic (the fact that the sex presented in the film is not simulated contributes to this perspective), In the Realm of the Senses is at the same time a form of rebellion against the way sex is depicted in Japanese culture and of the taboos surrounding it, and how gender roles are seen in Japanese society. For a non-japanese, the film is also interesting because it offers insight into the dynamics of desire and how it can become destructive.

Trigger warning – the film has many explicit scenes and a mutilation scene near the end.

What is this event?

With comfy seats, a giant screen, and all the popcorn you can eat, not to mention the coolest, smartest community around you, you will discover a carefully curated selection of movies you can discuss, dissect, or just relaxingly take in and think deeply about. The movie night themes will alternate every two weeks – one week, you get to see political and queer movies, and the other, we will delight you with kinky and alternative relationship movies. Every time, we will announce the theme and the movie we have picked for you.

Attending this event does not require previous participation in the Consent Workshop.

🇷🇴 🇬🇧 This event is bilingual. You can attend it if you speak English or Romanian. The discussions will generally be held in Romanian, but depending on the group and the vibe, we can either switch to English, or you can find plenty of English speakers to start your own conversation with.

📝 We confirm attendance 24 hours before the start of the event at the latest. Please register at least one day before the start of the event.

🪪 Please bring your ID card with you so we can check your age at the door. We keep none of your data, but we need to make sure that everyone is an adult. You can see here or here how we check your ID so that all your data but your year of birth and picture are visible to us.

What happens at the event?

Schedule with breaks

🕢 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm – We meet up at the space
🕗 8:15 pm – 10:45 pm – Screening & discussions

Please be on time so as not to disturb other participants. We cannot guarantee that someone will be available to open the door for you after closing time. We do not accept late admissions since you might miss important information presented at the beginning.

How can you reach us?

Our address is Bulevardul Theodor Pallady 287. You can find information on how to reach us here or here.

The area has many parking spaces, especially in the evening or after 6 pm. The metro station at “1 December 1918” is the closest to us and it’s only 8 minutes away, on foot.

Take the small elevator (it’s behind the large stairs on the ground floor) to the 5th floor, where you will see the sign for InFLUX. One more flight of stairs up, and you’re there. If mobility issues prevent you from climbing up a flight of stairs, you can take the large elevator, which will take you straight to our door, but that one is much slower.

Our phone number is +40723258105, and you can write to us on WhatsApp before the door-closing time.

Who can come?

Anyone can join us!

🎫 Fill in the form below to register for this event. You will receive an email confirmation, and we will keep you updated with information about the event. You will also receive an email reminder close to the event so you don’t miss it.

We reserve the right to select event participants.

What are you wearing?

You can join us dressed however you feel more comfortable.

What are you bringing?

🪪 Bring your ID card with you so we can check it at the door and make sure you are 18+!

Bring a stuffy toy, wear comfy clothes, or glam up for the night. As long as you are having a good time, it is ok with us. Also, feel free to bring any particular snacks you might like (if you’re an edamame instead of popcorn kinda peep, we support you and we would love to snack on those healthy treats ourselves).

Who organizes this event?

George, creator of the Eropedia podcast, philosophy graduate, and fresh psychology student interested in sexuality and power dynamics, has been exploring non-monogamy for over 10 years and has been learning, discovering, exploring, failing, and bouncing back ever since. He loves organizing this event, which has been a huge success already.

InFLUX Rules

Please read our rules carefully before attending our events.

The event is finished.


05 Jun 2024


7:30 pm - 10:45 pm


10 RON


IOR 2, Theodor Pallady 287, Bucharest



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