25 January, 2023

First Aid for Rope – What to do in case things go bad during rope-play

This week’s article is meant to come in handy if and when something bad or unexpected happens during rope play.
18 January, 2023

The Crucial Ingredient For Mind-blowing Play (And Why Most Tops Don’t Have It)

Every bottom can smell a good top from a mile away. And we don’t mean the guys with the skills. Skills are nice and all, but many have all the skills and lack the essence.
28 December, 2022

Guide for Getting Butt Naked in Subzero Temperatures

As the cold weather has arrived, we thought this article would be most fitting. Here are our suggestions: 1. Preparation is key. Being outside in very […]
13 December, 2022

List of Shibari Terms for the Beginner

Starting out in shibari can be quite intimidating, especially since you don’t know the proper terms for things...
12 December, 2022

Rope Jam with HAAG & RAWMANCE

Ce e acest eveniment? Încă o dată, vă aducem unul dintre cei mai buni tehnicieni shibari, alături de modelul său, pentru o noapte de socializare, plină […]
8 December, 2022

This is our kinky playlist – the music we play at our events!

Following the questions from the latest Rope Jam regarding the music at our events, we decided to share it with you.
2 December, 2022

The Rules of InFLUX

CONSENT AND BOUNDARIES. We know skin hunger is real, but not touchy-touchy. No kissing, hugging, touching of hair, or patting on the back without explicitly and […]