18 January, 2023

The Crucial Ingredient For Mind-blowing Play (And Why Most Tops Don’t Have It)

Every bottom can smell a good top from a mile away. And we don’t mean the guys with the skills. Skills are nice and all, but many have all the skills and lack the essence.
16 January, 2023

Cozy Little Play-Date

An evening of fun What is this event? A night full of ropes, socialization and intimacy at InFLUX. This event is intended for those who are […]
11 January, 2023

Rope-bottom bag – What to have on you when getting tied

Some rope events can require serious packing. We thought we’d help you with some lists to keep you stocked up on everything necessary.
5 January, 2023

Beginner Workshop by: Haag & Kissiae

Ce e acest workshop / event?   Un masterclass de două zile, ținut de unul dintre cei mai buni profesori de bondage din lume, dedicat persoanelor […]
4 January, 2023

How to find yourself a good rigger

Do you sometimes look longingly at the pictures on a rigger’s profile and think how nice it would be to get tied by them? We thought we’d give you some pointers to set apart the good, the bad and the downright ugly.